EnerUp World Inc., is a registered company based in Calgary AB Canada, offering aromatherapy essential oils, diffusers, health supplements, skin care & beauty products and limited edition of apparel.

Our company is committed to providing pure and natural ingredients in our entire product lines.

At EnerUp, we acknowledge all our distributors effort, giving them the continuous support through trainings and mentorship for their personal and professional growth. Their dedication, trust, and belief in us is the driving force propelling this company to success.

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EnerUp World Inc. Founders

  • Janneth Formentera

    Janneth is a co- founder, Chief Executive Officer and President of EnerUp World Inc. She had a dental medicine experience back in the Philippines and grew up in a business minded family. She migrated in Canada in 2009. Because of her natural caring persona to serve and make people smile, she worked for almost five years in the healthcare industry.

  • Jerry Valdez

    Jerry is a Co-Founder of EnerUp World Inc. and the head of the Research and Development of the company. His fascination of health and wellness began in the early years, where his family owns an agricultural business. It was not easy for Jerry to join their family venture as they keep the tradition that you have to earn and manifest the qualities of a hardworking and passionate partner before you deserve to join in.

  • Jennifer Singlot

    Jennifer is a Co-Founder and the marketing executive of the company. Being a genuinely caring person, Jennifer always dreamed of becoming a nurse. Consequently, she took the path to a college degree in nursing. Unknowingly, her life was fashioned differently from the many graduates who eventually found themselves in hospitals and clinics, caring for sick people and working as they were expected to.

Latest News / Blog

  • The Rise of Aromatherapy

    Aromatherapy is defined as the art and science of using aromatic plant compounds aimed to harmonize the physical body, mind and spirit. It is a type of alternative medicine that uses varied essential oils to promote health and well-being.  

    The term aromatherapy was not used until the 20th Century. But the bedrock of aromatherapy dates back several thousand years ago.

    The Chinese perhaps have been the first people to utilize aromatic plants by burning incense to help create an atmosphere of harmony, peacefulness, and balance.

    Then the Egyptians came, who created a basic distillation device that allowed the process of heating and cooling to extract oils from different plants. Many of these extracted oils have been used to preserve their dead. 

    During this period, it is believed that the Persians and Indians have also created primitive distillation devices.

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  • The Art of a Home Based Business

    Let me bring you to journey with me why I was lured to joining “EnerUp World Inc”, a direct selling company duly licensed to operate here in Canada. I was a successful Restaurateur in my home town, Roxas City, Philippines before I came to Canada. Business was excellent but a stroke of fate prompted me to pursue a career in Canada to help finance my ailing wife.  She died eventually and I have to find a way to be able to support my two daughters. I was open to anything that could help fend for my current situation so I could earn an extra income to provide for myself and for my daughters whom I had left behind.  When I came to Canada I thought it will be a perfect destination so life will be much better but that was my misconception.  One job is not enough to cover your expenses where we live in a sandwich generation of providing for our own needs as well to our families back home. We need to have a multiple source of income to suffice for our needs and expectations.


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  • Why I Joined the Business?

    I learned the value of time as a working student. I worked while going to school at the same time as I wanted to be able to afford the things that I wanted without sacrificing my future. I pursued a higher education because I thought that it would help me obtain a stable income. However, the recent economic downturn revealed that a higher education does not necessarily lead to the standard of life that I desired for myself. With my increased responsibilities, simply working hard was not enough. I had to work smart. I decided to join this business as it would help me maximize the use of my time in providing income sustainability. In joining this business, I would be able to achieve financial freedom without sacrificing my time with my family and friends.

    This business allows me to maximize my time and have a flexible lifestyle as all it entails is sharing the product with my friends and family. I wholeheartedly believe in Enerup’s products, as I have used them myself and have experienced their benefits. With effective, locally manufactured products like these, these products speak for themselves. As such, it is not hard to share the business to friends and family when I spend time with them.

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Enerup events
  • EnerUp Soft Launching

    • Time:
    • Location :

      Suite 10 - 2115 27 Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2E 7E4

    The May 27, 2017 Soft Launching was a blast, our friends and family joined us, as we start a brand-new chapter of our business venture. Indeed, with more than 200 people shared our happiness it was an entire day event filled with excitement, laughter, and opportunity.

  • Product and Business Presentation

    • Time:
    • Location :

      High River, Edmonton, Red Deer, Alberta Canada

    After the successful launch, EnerUp World made a debut to its neighboring cities, where it was welcome with so much pride and joy to the people in High River, Edmonton, and Red Deer, Alberta. The turnout was truly an amazing success providing opportunities to fellow Albertans. EnerUp is committed to deliver its products and outmost service to more people one city at a time!

  • Latest Event

    • Time:
    • Location :

      Jack Singer Concert Hall 205-8 Ave SE Calgary, Alberta

    Enerup World Inc. is proud to be the major sponsor of a fun filled night of the Back 2 Back concert held at Calgary's Jack Singer Hall, from Singer Artist Daryl Ong (The Voice Philippines Finalist) and the Calgary’s darling, Mary Kate Aquino. 

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