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I am very particular with how I look every day, one thing for sure that counts is my daily facial and make-up regimen.
I keep switching from one product to another because of my skin’s dryness, dullness and aging pigmentation. I am very conscious about it that every day I always apply layered foundation before I put my make-up on, It works but at the same time it didn’t resolved my skin’s condition.

One day, I invited one of my good friend from EnerUp World because I was curious seeing their product in social media. Honestly, it was all worth it because from that day I have been using only EnerUp products from their supplement, Ultimate Glow with Glutathione which increases my energy level and cleanses within as it helps lower my blood pressure. The Organic Facial wash and toner with High Potency Oil that reduces my face pigmentation and keeps my skin hydrated. I am also very happy that they have an Organic Foundation that I can use very lightly but works very well.
Thank you EnerUp World!