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On Oct 3 Wednesday morning, I had an accident while I was cooking. I was quite disappointed because of the fact that most of my October bookings are Make-up appointments. I've got several blisters particularly the left side of my face (6 spots to be exact). So, I have no choice but to cover it entirely with cosmetics (5 layers of foundation and concealers) every time I step out of our house to work. Something I am not used from doing, because I am not a fan of heavy make-up. Struggle is real every time I wash my face before bedtime. Because of heavy make-up I really need to clean it properly with  make-up remover and facial cleanser.


Thank God, I heard of EnerUp World Intense Brightening High Potency Glow Renewal and Brightening oil I need to get it badly. The next day after my pageant make-up commitment, I went to EnerUp World office to get the so called "miracle oil" and use it right away as soon as I get home. The next morning, I was so surprised the wounds are looking way better compared to the previous day. Honestly, the total healing process is just LESS THAN A WEEK. Now, I am so proud of the EnerUp World Products.” - Pauline