EnerUp World is a company incorporated in December 2016 in Calgary, Alberta. EnerUp World is Canada’s licensed direct selling company that specializes in six major lines of business namely: food supplements, skin care, organic and natural products, cosmetics and the rising industry of aromatherapy essential oils and diffusers, and our upcoming limited edition  apparel.

The company's founders believe in the power of relationship marketing; with a background in the financial industry, they believe in the importance of personal businesses and have seen the positive outcomes that owning a successful business can deliver. The founders believe that a supplemental source of income is essential for today's generation.

EnerUp World is proud to be granted a federal approval through the Competition Bureau of Canada, a federal agency that approves, regulates and oversees the operations of direct selling companies that operate in Canada. This recognition and approval coming from the federal government gives EnerUp World an edge to its competitors and serves as a model for honest and truthful business ethics, both direct contact marketing and online marketing. Because of this, EnerUp World is in full swing to operate and conduct business in five provinces namely: Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. We have plans to expand to other provinces and foreign markets in the near term, including our exciting expansion to the Philippines, effective April 2020.

"Health and Lifestyle", is the company's tagline as health truly matters the most. Above all, EnerUp World's mission is to promote good health. Our company is committed to providing pure and natural ingredients throughout our entire product line. Together with our GMP certified manufacturers partner, certified formulator and licensed chemists. EnerUp World continues to explore and find more ways to provide you with a better level of health.



At EnerUp World, our vision is to be globally known for the effectiveness and amazing benefits of our products and to be competitive in the industry in terms of products and a fair compensation plan.


At EnerUp World, our mission is to continually develop and maintain the highest quality of natural and effective products to our global clients as we believe, “Health Matters Most”. To be innovative and competitive in the industry through the power of global network marketing and to provide financial opportunities to everyone, regardless of race, status, and position.


At EnerUp World, our core values are to create, promote and maintain a healthy work-life balance for all our clients, independent associates, employees, and investors.