EnerUp World is a company founded in December 2016 in Calgary, Alberta. EnerUp World is Canada’s first licensed direct selling company that offers six major areas of industries namely; Food Supplements, Skin Care, Organic and Natural products, Cosmetics and the rising industry of Aromatherapy, plus the upcoming limited edition of apparel.

It is a registered direct selling company in Canada that focuses on providing options to Albertans, and to Canadians to have a legit home-based business.

Because of the economic challenges, country recession, no job security, people need extra income source, EnerUp World was born. The company’s founders believe in the power of Marketing, with its founder’s outstanding background in Financial Industry, they are confident that by having a business of your own, surely it will make a difference for those who don’t have. 

The founders believe that a supplemental source of income is an essence in our generation nowadays, in fact there are more individuals who started their own business years ago that are already harvesting the fruits of the labor half of their retirement age, they are now enjoying, living the dream and most of all, they have more time with their loved ones. They also believe that through the advancement of lifestyle at this era, everyone now has an equal opportunity to get into the business-like access to any information on the internet, find credible and legitimate company to join with, and even start a business within your budget, an easy to do, non-time constraint and a do it on your phase business. 

EnerUp World company is proud to be granted a federal license through the Canada Competition Bureau, a federal agency that approves, regulates and oversees the operations of Direct Selling and Multi-Level Marketing companies that operate in Canada. This recognition and approval coming from the highest regulatory body of the Federal Government gives EnerUp World an edge to its competitors and serves as a model for an honest and truthful business ethics both direct contact marketing and online marketing. Because of this monumental achievement of the company, EnerUp World is in full swing to operate and conduct business in five major Canadian provinces namely; British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the province of Ontario and Quebec province is on its way. 

“Health and Lifestyle” this is the company’s tagline as health truly matters the most. Above all else, EnerUp World’s mission is to promote good health. In this fast-changing world, and as our lives became easier, state of the art technology on different fields are emerging, modern and up to date machines were made and lots of achievements in this generation, it is also the rise of our busier lives compared to the last century. 

Many of us were always and always caught in the morning rush, tons of work but only limited time do it. Skipping breakfast, on the go meals, instant, and fast foods were just a few of our not so good habits as we beat those deadlines and daily hassle at work. It’s an era of an INSTANT, yet convenience cannot replace the quality and efficacy of what we eat. As science advances so as the effects of these developments, free radicals are spreading more than we expect, stress-level of people is higher, diseases were rampant more, so our immune system is vulnerable, that’s when EnerUp World comes in, being the ambassador of good health, we strongly advocate a healthier and a happier you. Together with our GMP, Health Canada partner manufacturer, certified and licensed chemists, EnerUp World continues to explore and finding more ways to provide you a better level of health. 

EnerUp World truly believes that through the natural wonders, high-grade quality, environment, and animal-friendly components, our dedicated and highly experienced team, it’s no surprise for us to have a healthier, happier, and better lives ahead of us.


At EnerUp World, our vision is to be globally known for the effectiveness and amazing benefits of our products and to be competitive in the industry in terms of products and a fair compensation plan.


At EnerUp World, our mission is to continually develop and maintain the highest quality natural and effective products to our global clients as we believe, “Health Matters Most”. To be innovative and competitive in the industry through the power of network marketing anywhere around the globe and to provide financial opportunities to everyone regardless of race, status, and position.


At EnerUp World, our core values are to create, promote and maintain a healthy work-life balance for all our clients, independent associates, employees, and investors.