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“I really appreciate you guys @ EnerUp World for formulating these amazing products. I had skin problems since high school and lost hope, I knew this has something to do with genes & lifestyle. After trying the UltimateGlow Glutathione Caps, I noticed clearing up on my skin. In about 3 weeks, my sleep patterns changed. I sleep longer and have lots of energy during the day. I intend to continue using this product and would recommend this to all!”



Jessie Belle

I love EnerUp World’s Pure Essential Oils. We use them as home remedies; for cold, cough, sore throat, headache, as stress relief, as a disinfectant, for cuts or wounds, or burns that you accidentally get from cooking or baking. EnerUp World's products they are all AMAZING! Love 'em”






“Before, I have visible, uneven skin tone, acne (cystic acne) and gaining weight. After using the UltimateGlow Glutathione Capsule, & the High potency Glow Renewal oil, I noticed my skin get lighter, I’m not gaining weight and even I don’t do workout.
My acne lessens in just 3 weeks! I recommend this to all my friends to try it, if it works for me then it might work for you too!”






“I used to have dark spots on my right upper check, pimples on my forehead. When I started using the EnerUp World organic products, I’ve noticed the difference. My skin became brighter, glowy even my dark spots lighten up. My pimples fade away and my skin went back to normal. Loved the products and I will recommend EnerUp World Organic and Natural Products!”


On Oct 3 Wednesday morning, I had an accident while I was cooking. I was quite disappointed because of the fact that most of my October bookings are Make-up appointments. I've got several blisters particularly the left side of my face (6 spots to be exact). So, I have no choice but to cover it entirely with cosmetics (5 layers of foundation and concealers) every time I step out of our house to work. Something I am not used from doing, because I am not a fan of heavy make-up. Struggle is real every time I wash my face before bedtime. Because of heavy make-up I really need to clean it properly with make-up remover and facial cleanser.
Thank God, I heard of EnerUp World Intense Brightening High Potency Glow Renewal and Brightening oil I need to get it badly. The next day after my pageant make-up commitment, I went to EnerUp World office to get the so called "miracle oil" and use it right away as soon as I get home. The next morning, I was so surprised the wounds are looking way better compared to the previous day. Honestly, the total healing process is just LESS THAN A WEEK. Now, I am so proud of the EnerUp World Products.”

Mary Grace

“After eating chocolates, and ice cream last night my tonsillitis triggered again at 1:00 am and I was not able to sleep because of the pain. At 7:00 am, I took 2 capsules of UltimateGlow Glutathione as my everyday routine and what amazed me is the effect of the product to my tonsillitis, is gone! So, I was back to my normal activities on the same day. Thank you, EnerUp World, the product really works.”



“I used to have pigmentation unto my skin specially my face. It started coming out after giving birth, it is very visible that sometime tend to lower my self-esteem. Then someone introduces me to EnerUp World High Potency Oil, after a week of use, I notice it starts to lighten and everyone is noticing it too that my face looks glowy, and the pigmentation is getting lighter. Even my husband notices and What’s your secret mommy?”



“I tried many health supplements, but it didn’t deliver their promises, until I found EW UltimateGlow Glutathione Capsule. I used to have facial blemishes, pigmentation, muscle pain, feeling of hunger every now and then, and insomnia that has been my issue for the past years. And amazingly, in just 4 weeks of taking the EW UltimateGlow Glutathione I’ve seen the improvement on skin, I barely feel muscle pains, my meal pattern improved and most I can sleep nice and sound!!! Thank you, EnerUp World, for such amazing product!"



“As I am on my Mid 40’s signs of aging start to come up, knee pains, sleeping problems are 2 of the most visible issues that I noticed lately, so when I’ve heard about the benefits of the EW UltimateGlow Glutathione Capsule, I did not think twice to try it. And just 1 week of taking the supplement I’ve notice a remarkable difference on it. I don’t get tired easily and my knees are in good shape plus I could sleep like a baby! Try it and you see what I mean!”




“I used to have a very low energy that’s why I don’t miss drinking my coffee every day, as I am working long hours every day I noticed that I don’t have enough energy anymore, but when someone introduced me to EW 11 Super Antioxidant Capsule I noticed the difference, it helps me on my weight loss, and the mental agility that I have before is way better by having Super  Antioxidant added on my diet. Truly a remarkable product I sometimes forget drinking coffee but I don’t fell sluggish anymore and have more energy to have a quality time with my family after work!!! I highly recommend EW 11 Super Antioxidant!!! Try it!”


“I love Muscle & joint pain relief coz it is the only solution to my sciatic pain that I have been experiencing for years I’ve been seeing a chiropractor, physio and going for massage but it doesn’t ease the pain. With this Muscle & joint pain oil helped me pain free. Thank you, EnerUp World!"






I recently purchased 2 essential oils from EnerUp World, lavender and Frankincense for my 9 year old daughter who struggles with anxiety. The first night we tried 3 drops in lotion and rubbed it on her tummy, she woke up in the morning feeling refreshed and significantly better! Now she routinely asks to have me apply it to help when she’s anxious. I am extremely pleased with these products and hope it helps other moms whose children suffer with anxiety.