EnerUp World is a company founded in December 2016 in Calgary, Alberta. EnerUp World is Canada’s first licensed direct selling company that offers six major areas of industries namely; Food Supplements, Skin Care, Organic and Natural products, Cosmetics and the rising industry of Aromatherapy, plus the upcoming limited edition of apparel.

It is a registered direct selling company in Canada that focuses on providing options to Albertans, and to Canadians to have a legit home-based business.

Because of the economic challenges, country recession, no job security, people need extra income source, EnerUp World was born. The company’s founders believe in the power of Marketing, with its founder’s outstanding background in Financial Industry, they are confident that by having a business of your own, surely it will make a difference for those who don’t have.

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Our Sempre Amore Line

Is the premiere skin care line of EnerUp World Inc. That is committed to delivering what only matters to our customers. With its amazing Master Anti-Oxidant properties it also helps revive the dull skin complexion, boosts collagen production and helps fight disease. This powerful anti-oxidants, it's the best fighting agent to combat free radicals.
As we continue in the pursuit of the fountain of youth, one of the remarkable discoveries in our modern world is the huge role of anti-oxidants in our health.
"Glutathione" tagged as the "Mother of all Anti-Oxidants" by leading practitioner of both medical and dermatologist worldwide, is a molecule that is made up of amazing & astounding amino acids that exist in almost every cell in our body. Glutathione is the most important anti-oxidant that is capable of preventing damage to the important cellular structure caused by oxidation.

Bringing Nature & Science for a Beautiful You

Firm & Glow - Anti Wrinkle Serum



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Intense High Potency Oil Serum



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Brightening Exfoliating Bar Soap



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Age Defying Brightening Cream



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Renaissance Exfoliator with Kojic



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Refresh AHA Cleanser



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Renewed Hydro Bright Gel



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Fresh and Firm Eye Cream



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Love Ur Organic Hair & Body Care  Kit 1



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Love Ur Organic Hair & Body Care Kit 2



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Love Ur Organic - Intense Age Defying Kit



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Sunscreen SPF 25 with Vit A, C, E & Shea Butter



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Muscle & Joint Pain Relief
Jojoba Carrier Oil

Creamy Almond Foundation



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Creamy Beige Foundation



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Fresh Fair Foundation



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Natural Sheer Foundation



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                                                   EW Natural Food Supplements



We live in a fast pace era where we skip our meals and don't get the right amount of nutrition to our health. Erratic eating habits, insufficient chewing of food, eating on the run, and stress contribute to poor digestion, making it difficult for our bodies to extract all the nutrients it needs from food. Natural supplements can help restore the body to a place of balance. Of course, nothing will take the place of eating a good and healthy diet, but taking quality whole based natural supplements can go a long way toward helping you maintain a better level of health.

EnerUp introduces our Natural Supplements



Basic Starter Kit
Price: $128.00

Included: Membership Fee ($59) | Marketing Materials | EW Flyers | Registration Forms | Grapeseed Carrier Oil | Sweet Orange Essential Oil | Eucalyptus Essential Oil


Premium Starter Kit
Price: $140.00

Included: Membership Fee ($59) | Marketing Materials | EW Flyers | Registration Forms | Eucalyptus Essential Oil | Peppermint | Mini Breezer Diffuser


Elite Starter Kit
Price: $165.00

Included: Membership Fee ($59) | Marketing Materials | EW Flyers | Registration Forms | Eucalyptus Essential Oil | Peppermint | Blossom Diffuser | EW T-shirt


  Basic Anti-aging Package             


Premium Organic Skin Care Package


Brightening All Skin Type Package

  • Opportunity

    EnerUp World Inc., is the first new direct selling and licensed company based and founded in Alberta, Canada. The company is headed by an amazing and energetic couple with leaders who aspire and inspire people to discover the great rewards of direct selling.                               

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  •  Transformation

    If you are coachable, hardworking and determined. Just by taking part, you become a bigger version of yourself and help others do the same. There are absolutely no entry barriers. You don't need any particular level of education or training.


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  • Freedom

    Be ready to change your life, mentally, physically and financially. It will deepen your understanding of the ways in which this business will transform your life. Earn what you are worth, be your "OWN BOSS" and maximize your earnings with a residual income that will give that financial freedom you have been longing for.

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                                                                                                                              EW Upcoming Events


Tunog Kalye Calgary Tour and Concert


Date: Friday, July 27, 2018

Address: Polish Canadian Cultural Centre Auditorium

Time: 7:00 pm onwards

Buy a Tunog Kalye Concert Ticket and get the chance to win 1 Bottle of UltimateGlow L-Glutathione Improved. 
Open to all who purchased the ticket!

Please call 1 844 729 5789 for more details.


EnerUp Saskatchewan Grand Launching


Date: Saturday, August 4, 2018

Address: Holiday Inn 1800 Prince of Wales Drive Regina, SK

Time: TBA

EnerUp invited everyone to join us on Upcoming Grand launching in Saskatchewan. Save your date the opening you've been waiting!


For more queries please call 1 844 729 5789.  

EnerUp World Camping Event 

Date: August 10, 11, 12, 2018

Address: Big Stone Community Hall Alberta, T0J 3P0


Don't forget about EnerUp exciting and adventurous camping event. An unforgettable experience is waiting for you and EnerUp Family.

Join Us! 

Please call 1 844 729 5789 for more queries.                                

EW Events

EnerUp Soft Launching

Date: 27th, May 2017

Location:  Unit 10, 2215 27th Ave NE Calgary, AB T2E 7E4

May 27, 2017, Soft Launching was a blast, our friends and family joined us, as we start a brand-new chapter of our business venture. Indeed, with more than 200 people shared our happiness it was an entire day event filled with excitement, laughter, and opportunity.

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Product and Business Presentation

Date: June - July 2017

Location:  High River, Edmonton, Alberta

After the successful launch, EnerUp World made a debut to its neighboring cities, where it was welcome with so much pride and joy to the people in High River, Edmonton, and Red Deer, Alberta. The turnout was truly an amazing success providing opportunities to fellow Albertans. EnerUp is committed to delivering its products and outmost service to more people in one city at a time!

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EnerUp Sponsor Event

Date: 9th September 2017

Location:  Jack Singer Concert Hall, Calgary AB

Enerup World Inc. is proud to be the major sponsor of a fun filled night of the Back 2 Back concert held at Calgary's Jack Singer Hall, from Singer Artist Daryl Ong (The Voice Philippines Finalist) and the Calgary’s darling, Mary Kate Aquino. 

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EnerUp Grand Launching

Date: 15th December 2017

Location: Coast Plaza Hotel NE, Calgary, AB




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Red Deer Roadshow

Date: 16th January 2018

Location: Baymont Inn & Suite Red Deer AB, T4N 5Y7





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