Janneth Formentera is President and CEO of EnerUp World, Janneth oversees operation of the company's direct selling since its inception in December 2016. She studied Dental Medicine in Davao City, Philippines. Migrated in Canada in 2009 and studied in Bow Valley College as Health Care Aid, worked as a nursing attendant and insurance broker together with her husband for three years in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Janneth believes in following her passions and never stops believing herself, devoted her time to continuing studies and business training, receiving diplomas in two different Natural Health Sciences School in Europe in Holistic Care, Organic and Natural skin care formulator, including Aromatherapy, and now she is currently studying nutrition and color cosmetic formulations.

Janneth establishes her leadership in the development of business and product innovation. She serves as the creative director and strategic leader in marketing, branding and product development. She has a persistent determination to promote health and wellness, and she inspires, motivates, and encourages others to have a healthy balance of family and entrepreneurial lifestyle. Her courage and perseverance fuel her to serve and inspire more people who are willing to create and build their desired dreams.

Janneth believes that “business is not a competition, it’s all about sharing and building a good relationship”. This woman of power just makes people smile. It is her wish, that through her abilities, she will be an instrument in improving many people’s lives.

Janneth is a proud member in the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, the largest non-profit organization focused on cosmetic science education.