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Janneth is a co- founder, Chief Executive Officer and President of EnerUp World Inc. She had a dental medicine experience back in the Philippines and grew up in a business minded family. She migrated in Canada in 2009. Because of her natural caring persona to serve and make people smile, she worked for almost five years in the healthcare industry.

Janneth diverted her pathway and decided to redirect her goal on how to achieve her financial freedom. Now, she explores confidently and freely the world venture of opportunities.

In 2013, she became a licensed insurance broker and served as a co-owner of Pureline 7. She devoted her time through continuing studies and several trainings. She attended UPW in Chicago in 2015, Business Coaching and Business Mastery and The Life Coaching Makeover International 2016-2017.

Her courage and perseverance fuels her to serve and inspire more people who are willing to create and build their desired dreams.

Neth, as she is fondly called by her peers, has always a big dream for her family and never forgets the value in helping others. Because of her leadership, networking skills and determination to succeed, she also plays a significant role in assisting marketing activities.

Today, she aims to provide more options and opportunities to a lot of Canadians and to the world.

As her famous line goes, “Business is not a competition, it is about sharing and building relationship”.

This woman of power just makes people smile. It is her wish, that through her abilities, she will be an instrument in improving many people’s lives.