Glynn is the Corporate Executive Secretary of EnerUp World Inc. He graduated at University of Southern Philippines with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology, a licensed security and loss prevention officer under the Alberta Justice, Alberta Canada and has a Diploma of Paralegal Administration at CDI College in Calgary, Canada. In 2008, Glynn came to Canada as Temporary Foreign Worker and rose his career in the customer service industry. 
His baccalaureate and academic backgrounds open doors to different opportunities in various fields, namely, in food industry management, immigration & legal services, security & loss prevention, marketing & sales, and business development before becoming one of the executives of the company. 

Because of his involvement to different areas, Glynn was able to collectively learn and gain many experiences that made him realized the importance of working fulltime but also building your future part-time. 

Glynn’s exposure in relationship marketing for over a decade, solidifies his belief that having a good and quality accord towards other people is the foundation of strong business ethics.