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Jennifer is a co-founder and the marketing executive of the company. Being a genuinely caring person, Jennifer always dreamed of becoming a nurse. Consequently, she took the path to a college degree in nursing. Unknowingly, her life was fashioned differently from the many graduates who eventually found themselves in hospitals and clinics, caring for sick people and working as they were expected to.

Life’s challenges forced Jenny to apply as a teacher in China, a far cry from what she dreamed of. Living in a country with a very different language and culture was not easy. But because of her determination, she gained lots of personal and professional knowledge. Then Canada opened its door to Jenny and her family in 2011. It was her will to better her life that drove her to engage in business, urging her to know the peculiarities and technicalities of it. Being a result oriented and an accomplisher, she enjoyed her journey to the business world.

Jen took risks and started her first business just two years after her arrival in the country. The following year, she joined the financial insurance industry, where she gained enough experience to develop her skill in business management.

Because of her willingness to help others, she shared her professional capability in developing an organization that could be benefited not only to herself but to many people as well. With this, she believes that she could be of great help in improving one’s quality of life.